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I read an excellent post the other day on the ISC2.org blog about the perils of being a security generalist in this job market.  The author, Ionut Ionescu, described his experience of being a broad brush when many employers only seem to want a ‘painter’ who does ‘cutting-in’ work, i.e., a niche specialist over someone with broad experience.

Another fine resource came my way and I’m lovin’ it!  This is Information Security Leaders, written by Mike Murray and Lee Kushner.  The blog is about your career management, particularly in the face of  ‘career incidents‘, be they whatever is about to happen to your job or just did.  Mike and Lee offer a Career Incident Response series on audio – just sign-up and they will let you know when a new one is available.

One piece of advice they give is to keep up with your own security blogging efforts.  I know I’ve been lax, especially last year, but have vowed to work on mine weekly and to try hard to find something worthwhile to say.  A principal benefit to the job seeker is that potential employers can see how you communicate and what your range of interests are.  I have this blog linked from my LinkedIn page and am working on other links to it as it grows.  Good advice here!

A while back, I found a site full of interesting links and tools for web workers.  Much of WebWorkerDaily is geared towards web designers, freelance writers, etc., but there is some seriously helpful stuff and you can get a daily email chock full of new neatness; Bill sez check ’em out!

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